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Kirill P. Elizarov is an internationally known Public Relations Expert originally from Russia. He is recognized as a expert in the field of international mass media and public relations, helping organizations and governments, along with their respective communities, to develop mutual relationships with one another.
Since the beginning of his career in 1990, Kirill P. Elizarov has been working not only throughout the former U.S.S.R., but also in China, Israel, France, Finland, Monaco, and South Korea. He has also been recognized by prominent business people, government officials, and renowned businesses and organizations around the world. Mr. Elizarov has traveled extensively throughout the world to work on multiple PR and mass media projects.





2010 Winner of the Silver Archer award - the public relations professions’ most prestigious honor acknowledging the very highest level of achievement in the field. He received this award for the “best of the best” PR practices in the Russian Federation for the “Project PORT ARTHUR (China) and Other Military Memorials Overseas as an Instrument for the advancement of Russia's international reputation", described in the link below “Recognition of Mr. Elizarov's business contributions in the PR field between Russia and China”
Acknowledgement of CEO of Fun Communication LLC awarded by the President of the Russia Federation “for active participation in recovery and restoration of the burials of Russian and Soviet soldiers fallen in the territory of the Chinese Peoples Republic” dated December 29, 2010.
Medal from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation “For Merit In Memorializing The Fallen defenders of the Fatherland”, awarded by the Russian Ministry of Defense, dated October 19, 2009 #1293 for his great personal contribution in perpetuating the memory of the fallen Defenders of the Fatherland.
Recipient of the 2005 Silver Archer Diploma for “Best PR project in the Field of sports journalism”, 3rd place in the category "Synergy" for his role in the World and Russian Jet-Ski Racing championship events.
Active Member of the Russian Public Relations Association (RPRA) since 2005
2005 Founder of FUN Communication LLC ( On the list of major Russian clients are: Adidas, Televisa S.A., Davis Cup, MTV Russia, Russian TV channels (Sports, STS-Media), Yamaha, the famous Russian sports brand CSKA (, RosBank (subsidiary of Societe Generale (, Beeline, Lukoil.
2011 Member of the judges panel (as the Head of the expert Council of "International communications") for the ‘Silver Archer’ Award by virtue of his 2010 Silver Archer Award Winning status. Mr. Elizarov has been elected to be a member of the 2011 competition Jury, along with other 2010 recipients of the award in all other categories.

February 21, 2010, Moscow, Russia Open Lecture by Mr. Kirill Elizarov on behalf of the Russian Public Relations Association for media and government officials, see the lecture from YouTube;




March 2-3, 2006, Moscow, Russia, Presenter at the International Conference “PR in Russia and Countries of the Former USSR: Current Trends, Techniques, Projects” organized by the Russian Public Relations Association in partnership with National Reward in the PR field “Silver Archer” as a recipient of the 2005 Silver Archer Diploma in “the Best PR project in the Field Of Information Coverage Of Sporting Events” category (3rd place out 50) for the “Reputation Synergy and its Practical Implementation” Project awarded to the media planning, organizing and facilitating work group of the World PWC Racing Championship and PWC Racing Championship of Russia Conference Program as well as receiving the Acknowledgment and Appreciation by the Russian Public Relations Association for his participation in the Conference as a Speaker and Advisor. The award was given to Mr. Elizarov by the General Director of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company issued on March 2, 2006;
Oct 2007 - Oct 2010 The Vice CEO of Government and Public Relations Charity Foundation “Pokolenie” (Generation) (stockholder of Russian TV networks: “MUZ-TV” and “7TV”, and publishing house “Kommersant”)
Feb 2008 - Nov 2008
The Vice CEO of the Russian News & Information Agency “RIA NOVOSTI”
Mar 2006 - Feb 2008
The Adviser to the CEO of 'All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK)' which includes TV Channels: 'Russia 1', 'Russia 2', 'Russia 24', 'Culture', 'RTR-Planeta', and etc. |
Apr 2000 - Mar 2006
Head of the Department of Special Media and Public Relation Projects
Private Investment Company “Interros” (100% stockholder of MTV Russia, TV channels “3TV” and “2x2 TV”)

Oct 1997 - Apr 2000
Head of the Department of TV and media research holding company “MEDIAMOST” (100% stockholder of Russian NTV channel ( and newspaper “Segodnya” (Today)

1996 - 1997
Columnist and Head of reporters at the Interfax news agency. Regularly televised program“Money” (NTV channel).



July 27 through August 3, 2008, Lecturer of the master-classes at the training of the young journalists of Republic of Tatarstan “New Media” sponsored and organized by the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Youth Information Agency “New Media”;


June 7, 2008, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Lecturer at the all-Russian conference “Improvement Of Works To Perpetuate The Memory Of Those Killed In Defending The Fatherland”;

February 25 & 26, 2008, London, Financial Times Digital Media And Broadcasting Conference, participant;

November 8-12, 2006, London, Delegate of the Summit “Corporate Communications and Media:
Best Practices and Global Trends”;

September 22, 2004, Moscow, Russia, Nikitskii Club Roundtable “Chinese Factor in the New Structure of International Relations and Strategy of Russia” - Kirill Elizarov is a participant of the Roundtable with President of the Nikitskii Club, Sergei Petrovich Kapitza, a Russian physicist and demographer, UNESCO’s Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science recipient;

March 18-22, 2002, Helsinki, Finland, Participant at the Russian Future-Makers in Finland Programme sponsored and organized by the Finnish National Fund for Research and Development, SITRA.


January 27, 1994 Diploma the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation;


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